Mountain Folk

A belated Happy Halloween to all!

It seems every holiday brings with it very busy schedules so this post is a bit late. So Rob and I headed up the Dublin mountains a couple weeks back for some hill walking and although it is getting bitterly cold, I would still recommend getting your boots on and heading up there if you haven’t been recently or at all. The views from the top are gorgeous to say the least and that sense of achievement when you reach the top is almost as satisfying as that first pint of the weekend. There are various trails to choose from up there but I knew of a tree climbing adventure centre with toilets, a shop and parking so that’s where we decided to park up. We had no idea how long the trail was when we started we just followed the path until we reached the top. It took about 2 hours in total so definitely be prepared with snacks and lots of water. It was very peaceful and really made us grateful to live in such a beautiful country. Cities can really run a person down and make us all go a bit mad at times so if you ever feel blue go run up the mountain and I guarantee your problems will seem very small from up there!

I hope this inspires some of you to get out and explore for an afternoon. And stop into Johnny Fox’s on the way home for a celebratory pint to top it off!


















This poor guy was lost and followed us the whole way back down the mountain. We very nearly brought him home with us, some day!


Three little birds

Happy Saturday everyone! That was possibly the longest week of my life so taking it ham and cheesy this weekend. After much humming and hawing I finally got a smartie phone. Woop woop! I decided on the Samsung Galaxy S4 and if anyone is thinking about getting one, I would definitely say go for it. I would have got the S5 only it was that little bit too big and with little to no difference in technology (but what do I know really!). It has itube which is only available for androids now and an amazing camera, so that’s reason enough me!

Anyways, Rob and I have been meaning to go to Copeswood Aviaries for awhile now, it was an ongoing joke at this stage, so today we took a drive up there. It’s just beside Avoca in Kilmacanogue in Wicklow, on the opposite side of the bridge. When we arrived we realised we didn’t have to pay which is always great but there were no signs telling us about the animals or what exactly the aviary was set up for so I don’t have much information about it. They have a pet shop where they sell some beautiful exotic looking birds and some other furry guys. I was mostly amazed by the monkeys they had there and we even got to give them monkey nuts! If you have mean neighbours who hand out monkey nuts at halloween, there are two playful monkeys up there who will gladly take them off your hands, quite literally.

If we had time we would have stopped in Avoca because that place is just the bomb so definitely pop in there after if you are going to the Aviary.

Enjoy the weekend, bye for now







Random beaver took a liking to Rob similar to this cow on the Cliffs of Mohar last year….





Today I just wore the basics yano and then my cheap monday jumper from an UO’s sale a while back | Shoes are dunnes years ago in the sale for €5 h3



Lipstick is Inglot no. 281

Quiet time


Good afternoon monsieurs et madams. I have another foodie esque post for you today. On Sundays Rob and I like to take a drive out of Dublin before the manic of the week begins. With Ireland being so small, day breaks like this up to the mountains are very rewarding. We ventured up the windy country roads, through the gorgeous forests until we got to Powerscourt House in Enniskerry. The grounds are truly beautiful and include an Avoca café, grand rooms to roam around in and breathtaking gardens. There is an admission to the gardens as well as the waterfall but if you are just looking for something different for Sunday brunch, this is a very relaxing and scenic setting. Just take your food outside to the terrace (weather permitting) and indulge in the views of the sugar loaf and Triton lake.

 I’ll be posting a recipe next week if you’re interested so keep an eye out. Thanks for reading!


pic 3

Steak and onion pie

pic 4

Fish cakes

pic 6

pic5 pic 7

Rob was feeling quite poorly today so please excuse the less than impressed face!

pic 8

pic 13

pic 9 pic 10

  pic 11

                  pic 12

White blouse from Penny’s | Ballet cardigan | Topshop Leigh Jeans | Nasty Gal shoes

                 pic 14

Sea side Saturday



Happy Saturday ! Leinster were playing Munster today which is always exciting in my house…my parents are Munster and we childer are Leinster. In true Rugby fashion, myself and Rob went to the pub for some food, drinks and what turned out to be a very exciting match (34 Munster, 24 Leinster). Another favourite of ours is the Queens in Dalkey so that’s exactly where we went. I was too hungry to take a snap of our meals but I got the john dory with potato gratin and green beans and Rob got the classic steak on a stone. We decided to take a stroll around Coliemore Harbour and soak in all the beauty of the evening. Rob very kindly took some photos of me to show y’all my clothes and such.

Hope you all are having a beautiful weekend, I’m off to watch xfactor



My hat is from Penny’s (€8) I saw one similar in M&S kids a couple weeks ago and was looking for one similar on the likes of etsy but low and behold I found one in trusty Penny’s!

Lipstick | Rebel by Mac4

Skirt Urban Outfitters €50 | Shoes Nasty Gal |


The beautiful Coliemore



I 9 10 11 12


Saturday Dinner in Dublin






Hello there…If you are new to Dublin or just looking for a good restaurant suggestion, you may enjoy this.

So last Saturday me and my boyfriend Rob took a drive into Dublin City on the hunt for some good food. It was a gorgeous sunny day so I decided to bring along my camera and document it. We planned to go for dinner and decided on an old favorite called Jo Burger just beside George’s Street Arcade. We sat outside and ordered two of their amazing homemade lemonades. I got the soda mint lime and Rob got the cranberry. You can ask for your drinks to be spiked with whiskey or vodka so we went with the vodka being that it was Saturday and all. They’re absolutely huge so they last the entire meal which made them worth the monies. For dinner I got the veggie burger with blue cheese and cream cheese in a wrap (photo above) and Rob got the beef burger with slices of bacon. I would suggest getting it in a wrap…10 times easier to eat. I hated being that person who takes photos of their food so I just took one of mine! It’s a really relaxed atmosphere, the staff have no uniform and are all very laid back. I would definitely recommend this to veggies especially. You don’t feel left out for not having meat because it’s the toppings that really make this place. Definitely worth the mula!

Hope all you Dubliners are enjoying our unnaturally beautiful weather!