Birthdays and boats

So me and my brother were in the kitchen yesterday and got to talking about my plan to buy a boat. I’m always reluctant to tell him when I get a new idea in my head since he always has to challenge me as is his nature. In fairness, I do get a lot of stupid ideas in this nugget of a noggin and sure enough he has steered me clear of many inevitable disasters. I suppose that’s what older brothers are for.

So we got talking and as usual I had my guard up, ready to defend my dream of sailing the open seas. Naturally he looked at me like I had ten heads and the questions and concerns started rolling in one after another while I held onto my shitty print out map…”You can’t sail to Australia”…..”All here (points at shitty map) is war torn with refugees using this route to escape”.

Ok so he had a point but I’m not that naive. “I’m going to start with Europe” says me in my defeated state. To my surprise, an hour later we were discussing logistics, the fears, the real possibilities. Instead of being squashed, my dream was given new life. It feels very real now. I guess sharing a dream can make it come true.

My brother’s one of the very few people I actually listen to and I value his opinion on most topics. Everyone needs someone looking out for them to say when you’re being a total idiot and to give you the extra push towards your goal by getting electric with excitement and filling you with confidence.

I’m sincerely lucky to have my bro looking out for me and wanted to make a special post for him on his special day. Happy Birthday you yellow bellied….draw!

Some photos of the festivities below

Goodnight all y’all




My beautiful little sister 



We celebrated in Musashi on Capel Street where we had the most lovely waiters and delicious food. Highly recommend! The food was incredible, came quickly and the atmosphere was super lively. Definitely a trek getting there but so worth it.




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