Bouldering be like

So it’s been a long time since I wrote a post but I got a new camera for Christmas and so I’ve been back on the photography band wagon. I’ve included some photos of last weekend where we went bouldering for the first time.

My brother had told me about The Wall, a chilled hippie hang out with funky music so we added it to our growing list of things to do and set out that Saturday to see what it was all about. Half of what he said was true but it was a Saturday after all so was a lot busier with a birthday party and a competition on. None the less, we got our gear, signed some dodgey waver to say “if we die, it’s not their fault” and then we got climbing!

There’s no ropes in bouldering so I didn’t think I’d be able for the heights but it’s so much fun, you soon forget your fears. It’s really addictive – once we finished one route we were straight onto the next – and we were completely wrecked the next day so it’s a good workout too. The place itself is an icebox so wear warm thermals and don’t forget socks if you’re renting shoes. Overall it’s a really nice spot with good vibes and lots of friendly people so definitely check it out. Afterwards, we bumped into some friends, had some tea and a cliff bar and then we were off for lunch in Avoca – mouth watering photos below.

Hope everyone’s having a great new year so far and thanks for reading!





Lunch in Avoca


Chickpea burger and two salads (100% vegan)





Spinach quiche and two salads (vegetarian)




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