Saturday Dinner in Dublin






Hello there…If you are new to Dublin or just looking for a good restaurant suggestion, you may enjoy this.

So last Saturday me and my boyfriend Rob took a drive into Dublin City on the hunt for some good food. It was a gorgeous sunny day so I decided to bring along my camera and document it. We planned to go for dinner and decided on an old favorite called Jo Burger just beside George’s Street Arcade. We sat outside and ordered two of their amazing homemade lemonades. I got the soda mint lime and Rob got the cranberry. You can ask for your drinks to be spiked with whiskey or vodka so we went with the vodka being that it was Saturday and all. They’re absolutely huge so they last the entire meal which made them worth the monies. For dinner I got the veggie burger with blue cheese and cream cheese in a wrap (photo above) and Rob got the beef burger with slices of bacon. I would suggest getting it in a wrap…10 times easier to eat. I hated being that person who takes photos of their food so I just took one of mine! It’s a really relaxed atmosphere, the staff have no uniform and are all very laid back. I would definitely recommend this to veggies especially. You don’t feel left out for not having meat because it’s the toppings that really make this place. Definitely worth the mula!

Hope all you Dubliners are enjoying our unnaturally beautiful weather!








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