Birthdays and boats

So me and my brother were in the kitchen yesterday and got to talking about my plan to buy a boat. I’m always reluctant to tell him when I get a new idea in my head since he always has to challenge me as is his nature. In fairness, I do get a lot of stupid ideas in this nugget of a noggin and sure enough he has steered me clear of many inevitable disasters. I suppose that’s what older brothers are for.

So we got talking and as usual I had my guard up, ready to defend my dream of sailing the open seas. Naturally he looked at me like I had ten heads and the questions and concerns started rolling in one after another while I held onto my shitty print out map…”You can’t sail to Australia”…..”All here (points at shitty map) is war torn with refugees using this route to escape”.

Ok so he had a point but I’m not that naive. “I’m going to start with Europe” says me in my defeated state. To my surprise, an hour later we were discussing logistics, the fears, the real possibilities. Instead of being squashed, my dream was given new life. It feels very real now. I guess sharing a dream can make it come true.

My brother’s one of the very few people I actually listen to and I value his opinion on most topics. Everyone needs someone looking out for them to say when you’re being a total idiot and to give you the extra push towards your goal by getting electric with excitement and filling you with confidence.

I’m sincerely lucky to have my bro looking out for me and wanted to make a special post for him on his special day. Happy Birthday you yellow bellied….draw!

Some photos of the festivities below

Goodnight all y’all




My beautiful little sister 



We celebrated in Musashi on Capel Street where we had the most lovely waiters and delicious food. Highly recommend! The food was incredible, came quickly and the atmosphere was super lively. Definitely a trek getting there but so worth it.





Hey! How are ya? Good? Good. I’m having a wind down after swim training with some tea and orange incense, looking over some photos and thought I would share them with you.

Over the holidays we were keen to get outside but poor old Ireland was bucketing it down most days. I can’t remember the last time we had a wet Christmas but hey…that’s global warming for ya! This day, we woke up to a break in the clouds so we lept out of bed and got our boots on.

We trudged up the mucky sugar loaf and got some nice snaps, heading down just in time for the rain to start up again. What a great feeling turning around and gazing up at the mountain, being erased with white clouds now. One of my biggest fears is heights would you believe, and yet hiking is one of my favourite things to do.

If you feel like a fear is holding you back from doing the things you love, the number one remedy I’ve found works is just doing it anyway. Plan small adventures and be proud of the small achievements. Appreciating the beauty is a much more liberating feeling than fear and it will push you forwards up that mountain so make sure to stop and take it all in. Smile when it gets tough, it really makes you see the lighter side.

Hope you’re having a good week so far.

Safe adventuring












Random thoughts…

Tuesdays are such a nothing day I’ve always thought. What did you do today? I spent a lot of time planning another adventure and watched the sky turn dark. I could do that for hours I realised earlier. Such a good feeling getting lost in a stare.

Can’t wait for the bright evenings when I can sit in the garden in the sun and read.

If you’re looking for some though provoking nonsense today you should check out the shower thoughts sub feed on reddit – I spent too much time on that today.

“….cats have no idea they’re all over the internet…..” – that was my favourite of the day

I’m really enjoying the lumix G7x if you’re looking for a good camera recommendation. Takes amazing photos and video too with a touch screen menu and other fancy features I’m still working out how to use. I’ve left some photos below for no where better to put them.

Hope your Tuesday was weird and wonderful





Bouldering be like

So it’s been a long time since I wrote a post but I got a new camera for Christmas and so I’ve been back on the photography band wagon. I’ve included some photos of last weekend where we went bouldering for the first time.

My brother had told me about The Wall, a chilled hippie hang out with funky music so we added it to our growing list of things to do and set out that Saturday to see what it was all about. Half of what he said was true but it was a Saturday after all so was a lot busier with a birthday party and a competition on. None the less, we got our gear, signed some dodgey waver to say “if we die, it’s not their fault” and then we got climbing!

There’s no ropes in bouldering so I didn’t think I’d be able for the heights but it’s so much fun, you soon forget your fears. It’s really addictive – once we finished one route we were straight onto the next – and we were completely wrecked the next day so it’s a good workout too. The place itself is an icebox so wear warm thermals and don’t forget socks if you’re renting shoes. Overall it’s a really nice spot with good vibes and lots of friendly people so definitely check it out. Afterwards, we bumped into some friends, had some tea and a cliff bar and then we were off for lunch in Avoca – mouth watering photos below.

Hope everyone’s having a great new year so far and thanks for reading!





Lunch in Avoca


Chickpea burger and two salads (100% vegan)





Spinach quiche and two salads (vegetarian)



How Vegan Friendly is Greece?

Hello fellow earthlings,

The grey cloud over Dublin today has given me reason to consume copious cups of teas and hide away under my duvet. Summer is definitely over here in Ireland and the only thing left are the holiday photos and the hint of a summer tan hidden under our jumpers. Today is my Mum’s birthday (yaay Mum) and I finally got to gift her the earrings I bought her in Santorini when I was there in July. It got me thinking back on the holiday and inspired me to write this post.

When me and Rob decided to travel around Greece we set about researching the different Islands, what they offer yada yada. In the end we took three planes, four ferries and a hitched lift around four Greek Islands. We had little knowledge of the cuisine before embarking on our travels but we were pleasantly surprised at how vegan-friendly Greece is. I wanted to share my experience so that anyone thinking of travelling to Greece on a vegan diet can be assured that you will be catered for.

The Islands we chose to visit were Ikaria, Milos and Santorini with a stop over in Naxos for a connecting ferry. Each Island had such an abundance of fruit and vegetables that I fell in love with Greece instantly. Rob decided to challenge himself and spend the two weeks on a vegetarian diet which proved to be no challenge at all and was actually vegan for the most part. I was fascinated by the Greek diet so I decided to study its origins once we got home.

What I discovered was that Greece has a history of vegetarianism, most notably during classical antiquity. Some of the great figures during this period in Greece are known to have abstained from eating meat. Pythagoras, famous for his contributions to mathematics, believed that the slaughtering of animals brutalized the human soul.

“As long as Man continues to be the ruthless destroyer of lower living beings, he will never know health or peace. For as long as men massacre animals, they will kill each other. Indeed, he who sows the seed of murder and pain cannot reap joy and love.”   – Pythagoras

Other famous Greek philosophers who came after Pythagoras also maintained vegetarian diets including Theophrastus, Socrates and Plato. It is these men who shaped the basis of our Western culture. Who knows the impact these great influencers could have had on their community and thus on Western civilization today had they been more outspoken about the vegetarian lifestyle. Unfortunately the interlocking of civilizations squashed the chances of vegetarianism being accepted by the majority. The Romans were using animals to fight Gladiators in the bloody pits for sport and persecuted those who protested against it. For this reason, vegetarians kept their ideologies to themselves out of fear.

I found it comforting that Socrates lived to be 70 years old maintaining a vegetarian diet (dying by execution in 399 BC) in a time before chia seeds and soy protein. However after staying on four different Islands in Greece, it is clear to see the consistencies that made up their healthy diet. Their history definitely explains why it was so easy to eat and live there as a vegan today. The Greek cuisine is based around seasonal vegetables which are bought from local markets. Aubergines and courgettes make up many of the summer dishes found on restaurant menus. Due to Greek’s poor economy, they grow their own food and many make their own wine. It is this way of living that I believe contributes to the vitality of life on the Greek Islands in particular. With the abundance of vegetables and large, high carb portions, I never found myself reaching for snacks and I was always feeling energized. I can write a post on the science behind why this is a sustainable way to eat after this one. Let me know if that would be of interest.

The dishes in Greece were not difficult to make which also contributes to overall health as more simplistic meals are easier to digest (google mono meal eating for more info). There is a high amount of oil used in the cooking which I am sure you can ask for them to leave out but I was too shy to as I know it is a huge part of their cuisine. Other than me being me, it was very easy to get by as there was so much choice on the menus.

I hope this was informative for a vegan travelling to Greece and any feedback would be great. Still new to this so be kind!

I have put a few photos below of our favourite things we ate while we were there. Enjoy!


On Ikaria we had peaches every morning followed by bread with jam and then some grilled veggies!

20150712_162547 (1)     20150707_152215

 20150705_165935   20150705_165954

For lunch we would have bananas or other fruit and bring them to the beach. It keeps you really hydrated as well which on holidays is even more important than usual. Some days we would stop in a cafe for lunch and get some soup or in Naxos we loved the veggie and fries pittas. We were on our holidays after all!

 20150708_165617     20150702_200642

For dinner I would usually have imam (baked aubergines) and Rob loved the briam (baked mixed vegetables). Everywhere we went they served it differently so don’t be scared to order the same thing over and over. We always shared and were plenty full after each meal but if you are used to a high carb intake, you can just order yourself some extra potatoes!

Thank you so much for reading, have a great day and eat for peace!



Suitable for Vegans

Hello Earthlings,

It has been some time since I posted on this Website and the reason being I have gone through a number of life changes since my last post. I was Vegetarian for about 6 years (with a random period of eating fish) and now I have decided to become fully Vegan. It’s been 2 months since I began the transition and I am completely 100% happy in my decision.

If you haven’t already seen some documentaries like Forks over Knives, Earthlings, The Best Speech You Will Ever Hear, then I strongly advise you to before writing the idea off this second. These documentaries enlightened me of the facts of animal cruelty and the reality of the farming industry. I studied Agricultural Science in School and after spending a week on a farm as part of my course, I realised I couldn’t eat meat after spending all day with the new born calves. This is why it was a very easy transition for me particularly and a natural one for a lot of vegetarians because once I opened my eyes and began researching where my cheese, milk and eggs came from, I was changed for good.

I would never tell anyone what to eat or ridicule them for eating meat in front of me. I would however urge everyone to educate themselves on where their meat comes from. Be smarter than the marketing that is thrown at you and open your eyes to what is happening to millions of animals each year. Watch the documentaries and then decide because the animals deserve at least that, to be listened to by those who will speak for them.

There is a quote I came across on Instagram which says:

“To find out if something is humane, first you must ask if you would want it done to you.”  


I hope that this website will more aptly reflect my interests now and be a source of information and positivity.

For more information on why to go vegan check out these links below:


The Best Speech You Will Ever Hear

101 reasons to go Vegan

Why Vegan


Farm animals


Hello! Today has been miserably cold and rainy in Dublin so nothing madly exciting going on with me. I decided to upload a recipe of one of my favourite weekend breakfasts, french toast. I never have time in the mornings during the week to make anything elaborate for breakfast unfortunately as it’s my favourite meal time. I love all of the foods used for making breakfast so every Saturday and Sunday I like to make more of an effort. So here is my french toast recipe, hope you enjoy it!


What you will need:

2 eggs

A Splash of milk

4 slices of bread

2 teaspoons of cinnamon

1/4 teaspoon of nutmeg

1 teaspoon of vanilla essence

1 teaspoon of sugar

Some butter

Okay so first you want to crack your eggs into a mixing bowl. Next add milk, I usually add an amount equivalent to that of the egg whites (If that makes sense). Add the cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla essence and whisk everything together until well blended.

h29       h28

h27        h26

The Vanilla essence is only 1 spoon! Woops!


Next, take a shallow dish and pour the mixture in. You should be able to lay a slice of bread flat in the dish.

Grease a pan with butter and place on a medium heat. Once it is hot enough, dip the slices of bread into the mixture allowing them to soak for 30 seconds on each side. Then lift them out carefully so they don’t rip and allow the excess mixture to drip off.

Then just pan fry until golden brown, flipping occasionally.

        h21        h20

 Add nutella, strawberries or whatever your favourite topping is and then chow down with a massive pot of tea!